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Dataset is cleaned and organized, model trained and you’re ready to check how damn fucking good is your model! But, what would be the best evaluation metric for your business model???

If you’re like me, who lack a little help from google every time you need to remember a concept, I’ll give you free advice! Write down is one of the best strategies to memorize something! And that’s the reason why I’m writing this article! …

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How many times you’ve got yourself stucked in a exhaustive and extremely boring task of picking information in a google sheet (or excel file) and inserting part of the information in another google sheet?

This kind of task makes your days boring, and the excitment you had on first days at work starts to fade away…
You think you could be working on more challenging tasks, or that you could be developing new skills or learning something new!

In order to get rid of this boring stuff, let a simple for loopexecute the job for you!!

In this article I’ll…

A beautiful view of the sky in the night with brigth stars
A beautiful view of the sky in the night with brigth stars
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So you have finished your Data Science course, you have learnt Python, Statistics, Linear Algebra, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, you are mastering the main libraries to explore data, you practiced a lot with Kaggle data, made an amazing portfolio and got a Data Scientist job!
You are very excited to arrive on your first week at work, open the .csv or .xlsx files with pandas and start exploring the data! But, wait…
“Where are the .csv/.xlsx files???”

Nowadays all the companies store their data in structured or non-structured databases at a Cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure) so it’s essential for…

Daniel Rosa Mille

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